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Our services area currently includes;

Property Management
Construction / re-model Management
Landscape Management

When looking for the management of your property needs, you want someone who;
   - is very knowledgeable in the area of your needs
   - serves your best interests and brings awareness of potential risks
   - provides clear and timely information and correspondence
   - maintains accurate records, both current and long-term 
   - will perform the task cost effectively  
So what qualifies Jerry to provide you with the above service ?
Jerry is an excellent choice for the management of your property interests, by assuring you that he is familiar with the tasks-at-hand and understands the processes. Jerry's education and background includes - Architectural Engineering, Landscape Design, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Program and Project management, and is "Certified in Project Management" from San Jose State University. Additionally,

Additionally he has 'hands-on' performed many remodel and landscape projects where he personally performed the design, construction, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry (design and build), sheet rock, flooring, fountains/ponds, decking etc. Having had the opportunity to actively do this hands-on work and to have a career in the areas of his education , he has developed a solid knowledge of what is required for property management. Furthermore, when performing overview management of contracted work to 2nd or 3rd party contractors, he has the knowledge and insight to determine when the work cost/efforts are out-of-line with your objectives and requirements. Lastly, with regards to rental property: he has the skills to effectively resolve 'tenant/rental' issues.

The above services target single-family residences and other income property within the cities of; Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Castro Valley, Hayward , Fremont, Union City and Newark.

Therefore, if you are considering a management entity to manage elements of your property, contact Jerry to discuss your immediate and long term needs.

Striving for excellence in customer service
We strive to relieve your worries and provide you "The Greatest Possible Real Estate Experience! "

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