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The decision to 'Sell' a home is not an easy decision and is driven by many factors, all of which are unique to the individuals situation and needs.

The question of 'when to sell', or 'how quickly' your home would sell depends on many factors - which goes beyond the basics of home condition, listing price, current housing inventory, neighborhood conditions, school districts etc., etc.

Unfortunately, in today's housing market we are witnessing homeowners loosing their homes to foreclosure, typically the result of payment increases in the owners Adjustable-Rate-Mortgage (ARM) loan. Depending on where your home is located in proximity to these foreclosed homes, the affects may influence the selling price of your home and other homes in your area.

With the above in mind, enlisting Jerry's services as a professional Realtor® will help you identify current market 'pitfalls' while still targeting your objectives and specific requirements. Using his acquired skills and market analysis, Jerry strives to identify a realistic selling price for your home - to aid you in making that final decision to sale - allowing you to move on to your future paths. In the process, we develop an agreed upon marketing and action plan uniquely tailored to your objectives - designed to get your home sold in the most timely and professional manner possible.

We endeavor to expose your home to the largest audience possible, using all appropriate marketing methods available. After all, the more exposure your home receives, the more opportunity you'll have to achieve your financial and time-oriented goals.

Jerry has a strong and professional support team, and each individual shares a commitment to your highest satisfaction of a successful transaction. There are many details that must be attended to before a sale becomes final such as; inspections, loan-documents, potential contingency removals, insurance etc. We know how time consuming and difficult this process is, and feel it is our duty to handle scheduling inspections, reviewing documents, and making sure all of the required documents, disclosure forms, are in proper order, thereby minimizing your time yet still keeping you fully informed.

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